Best French Mortgage Reviews 2022

Some examples of what others said about Best French Mortgage in 2022.

We had been looking to buy a property in France for the longest time and finally pulled the trigger. Turned out that the estate agency in France were not experts on helping clients from the US. I was at the point of giving up, when I did a Google search and came across Best French Mortgage: it was a Sunday and Gareth got back to me within a few hours and over the last several months, Best French Mortgage have been a life-saver.

Best French Mortgage helped us find a bank that was willing to lend mortgages to US citizens, held our hands through every step of the often bureaucratic French processes and we were finally able to make this happen.

I can honestly say that we wouldn’t have been able to realize our French dream had it not been for Best French Mortgage: they are responsive, helpful and tracks down the French like no-one I know.

This is wonderful news!! We’ll definitely accept, it’s a great mortgage. Thank you so much for your work on our behalf.

Best French Mortgage provide an excellent personal service and were far more knowledgeable than any of the other brokers we contacted and they didn’t charge us a cent in fees.

Gareth made getting us a French mortgage so simple, whilst other brokers told us it was impossible.

Gareth, thank you for talking me through our French  mortgage options so thoroughly and I do want to thank you for all your help and advice. A fantastic French mortgage service.

We wanted to invest in an apartment in Marseille, now that we can get there in a few hours by TGV. There was so much to organise, but the mortgage process was smooth and efficient thanks to Best French Mortgage and Gareth’s great help.