At Best French Mortgage & Property we also offer a property finder service. We specialise in finding classically French properties for sale in this wonderful Country. We also guide clients who have already found a house through the House Buying Process, as an additional service.

In France there are no buyer’s agents, only seller’s agents. We act as the buyer’s representative, with our partners — here, on the ground. We do the monumental groundwork necessary to help clients find the right house in the right location and we facilitate, steer, and help clients through the buying process. We are native English speakers, we speak French and our partners have all of the local knowledge and expertise to assist you through the whole process from start to finish.

What we do for you…

The good news! Houses are generally insanely affordable in this beautiful Country and we know where to find them, houses that you will not find on the internet!

Having someone who can be your representative here, on the ground in France, can save you thousands of pounds /dollars in hard costs as well as hundreds of hours of your precious time (=money). Let us be that representative for you . With our House Finders Service, we are your Personal Real Estate Concierge. Since there are no Buyer’s Agents in France, only sales agents, we fill that gap. We can be your buyer’s representative, here, on the ground in France, to find you houses and liaise with the sales agents. We have relationships with sales agents throughout the Country. We know the Cities, we know the towns, and most importantly, we can recommend the best areas in which to live. We are here to make it much easier for our clients to find a house to buy in France , to cut through the clutter, to eliminate 100% of the wasted time, money, and energy.

Our House Finder Services include:
• A meticulously curated criteria list of the types of properties, attributes, locales, neighbourhoods, and environments you are looking for. We will work closely with you to create and manage this “criteria list” as your needs, desires, wishes, and nice-to-haves change throughout the process.

• A detailed and continuously managed “Personal Properties List”. This is your exclusive database of available properties based on your “criteria list” as above. We scour the local bars, the real estate market and the online listings (often in French only), the posted and not yet posted listings of local agents, as well as the “for sale by owner” properties that are never listed with agents or online. Our goal is that no trip here will be wasted, no time or money will be poorly spent. We comb the listings, we know the agents, we
know the market.
• Regular correspondence with you covering all details and developments in the House Finding process.
• Regular correspondence on our client’s behalf with the local and regional real estate agents including specific property enquiries, additional photo requests, translation, etc.
• Plan, arrange, and coordinate, in conjunction with the respective sales agents, Property Viewing Days for your Properties of Interest. Property Viewing Days take us about a month of pre-planning. But when you are here in France, our detailed schedule and daily property location coordinates make your property viewings a breeze..
• Our personal time and energy commitment to you to help you find your Italian dream home!
The cost of our invaluable House Finders Service is less than the cost of one trip to France. And we can save you many trips! Using traditional methods some people may take up to twelve trips to France and spend more than £25,000 in airfare, travel, and accommodation.

Rate Card – Property Finder Service
£3,999 +v.a.t for the earliest of;
a) A 6 month period from payment date
b) Until the point where an offer is given/accepted on a property
This service includes;

  1. Search for, find and track houses for sale in your chosen area
  2. Create and provide a personal client property list based on a clients budget & criteria
  3. Weekly updates to aforementioned list
  4. Arrange and coordinate property viewing days when client is in France
  5. Act as the clients representative on the ground, in France
  6. Negotiate the best price when a property is found, in most cases receiving a reduction that will more than cover the cost of our fee For more information on how we can save you thousands during the actual House Buying Process, please contact us for a tailored quote for this service.