A French Renovation Mortgage is designed for renovation works and major building projects costing in excess of €150 000. It has the advantage that the mortgage funds do not have to be drawn down in a single tranche but can be drawn down as the project proceeds, stage by stage.

It can be either a stand alone mortgage or combined with other products on our French Mortgages page. French Renovation Mortgage qualification criteria are the same .

One of the beauties of French property is that there is often enormous scope for property improvement and extension. New owners add loft conversions to make extra rooms, or bring outbuildings back into use, have space to build, etc.

A French renovation mortgage can even be used to fund the renovation of properties that may become a home and income. For example, the renovation of a rundown farmhouse with a range of outbuildings where the intention is to restore the main house as a home and convert the outbuildings as Gîtes to provide long term income for the owners.

Applying For A French Renovation Mortgage

Applying for a renovation mortgage can seem daunting at first. A French lending bank will require additional information over and above the information they require for a French Repayment Mortgage . Provided the right steps are followed a property in poor, or even derelict, condition can still qualify. For more information go to French Renovation Mortgages.

With our help, a French renovation mortgage can be negotiated for projects equivalent to those appropriate for French Home Business Mortgages provided you can prove separate income for the mortgage repayments. All projects must meet the necessary formal French Planning Regulations.

We can help you finance your renovation project up to 85% LTV (Loan to Value) of the total project cost. Furthermore the lenders apply standard French Mortgage Rates if you are able to meet a French bank’s DTI criteria.

If you have an improvement and extension project in mind just complete our online application form giving full details.