Press Page

We are happy to offer those working in the media easy and direct access to  a clear and authoritative commentary on the French and Italian mortgage and property markets.

Our directors are always available to provide expert and informed comment on the breaking economic, commercial and competitive stories.

Who’s Included

The Collins Dictionary defines The Press as “those who work in the news media, especially newspaper reporters and photographers” and they no doubt stretch their definition to include TV and Radio.

For us, these professionals are central to any definition of The Press and we are delighted to help all members of the acredited press corps with their stories.

However, our working definition is much wider than this and includes freelance writers, non-professional writers, authors and bloggers with a story they wish to publish or a book they wish to write.

Help We Give

Our team includes members highly qualified economists, statisticians and political scientists who have many years’ experience of the financial services industry and wider business.

Current news | We can provide you with immediate help in assessing economic stories as they break as well as helping you put breaking stories into a longer term perspective.

In depth articles | We can provide in depth commentary on the major long term trends and are happy to share the forecasts our economic models generate. If you are planning an in depth article related to the French and Italian mortgage markets we can offer you our own primary research as well as pointers to reliable media and academic sources.

Books | If your plan is to write a book which is related to French and Italian property and property financing not only can we help you ensure factual accuracy but we may be able to introduce to previous clients who would love to share their experiences at a human level.

Blogging and New Media |  Whatever your need, we can provide any of the above help in a form that permits fast and easy deployment over new media.

 Trade Press or Media

Whether you work in or for the trade press for the financial services industry or have a role in the wider media we will be delighted to help you move your project forward.