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French Mortgage FAQ Top 10

What types of mortgage can Best French Mortgage offer me?

Because we work with all the major French lenders we can offer All Current Products.

Due to our depth of experience, we are especially good at finding mortgages for unusual or difficult circumstances.

How much can I borrow?

The maximum LTV is presently 85% unless you pay tax in France.

French taxpayers can borrow up to 100% LTV.

Finally, the best way to establish what you can borrow is to send us a Quotation Request.

Can I choose between Fixed or Variable Rate?

Yes, we can arrange both Fixed and Variable rate loans.

How do I arrange my mortgage through Best French Mortgage?

The first step is to complete our Online Enquiry Form.

You will be able to arrange everything over the Internet and/or over the telephone – always in English.

The funds will be sent by the lender direct to your Notaire.

They will be available for the completion of your purchase on the date of the acte.

How long will it take to sort everything out?

In most cases, we can get you a pre-approval decision within 48 hours.

The paperwork will take up to 14 weeks to complete.

Because Completion is normally 2-3 months after signing the purchase contract the funds will be with your notaire in good time.

Will I need Life Insurance?

A mortgage protection policy is recommended on all French mortgages with an LTV above 50%.

Mortgage protection policies usually cover terminal illness or work incapacity as well as death.

For loans with an LTV below 50% mortgage protection insurance is optional.

Finally, we can help you arrange any necessary insurance in France if you wish.

How do I make repayments?

Your lender will collect repayments directly from your French bank account.

Why is Best French Mortgage the best source of mortgage funds for my French house purchase?

We have processed millions of € worth of loan applications hundreds of applicants since 2004.

We offer you access to experience, security and superior negotiating power.

Consequently, we can often arrange your mortgage on better terms than you could by going direct to a lender.

Our Best French Mortgage Customer Charter ensures that we put your interests first.

In addition, you should read our How to Choose a Broker guide for more information.

When I try to send the form, I get an error message?

Possibly your browser or your firewall may be set to prevent this type of communication.

Do Best French Mortgage carry out credit checking or automated credit scoring?

We do not (and that means NEVER) carry out credit checking or automated credit scoring.

However, the lender may perform such a check before issuing the final mortgage offer.

If you are concerned, please contact us directly and we will explain how each lender operates their credit checking.