This section of our website provides authoritative French mortgage advice for non residents, Expats and foreigners buying property in France.

French Mortgage Advice

The French mortgage advice you will need depends on your personal circumstances and how advanced your French property project is.

If you need French mortgage advice to help you begin your research you should also review our section on French Mortgages and also our French Mortgage Knowledge Base.

This section of our site covers the essential information you will need to understand French mortgages and how the French mortgage market works. You should pay particular attention to our page on Choosing a French Mortgage Broker. You will also find our FAQ page especially useful because it is based on answering client questions since 2004.

French Mortgages for Non Residents

If your interest is in French mortgages for non residents, the best advice will depend on your nationality and citizenship.

You will be non resident in France if your normal domicile is elsewhere. However, you could be a French citizen living abroad or a non French citizen wishing to buy a second home in France. In both cases the mortgage products available to you are covered in the Mortgage Products section.

As a non resident, the major differences you will find follow from French Tax Law. Firstly, those who are French citizens registered under the French tax system can, in some circumstances, obtain 100% LTV mortgages. Secondly, French tax payers can benefit from advantageous Interest Rates.

French Mortgages for Expats

As for non residents, best advice depends on your citizenship. If you are an expat from outside France wishing to purchase French property the advice is similar to that for non residents. However, if you are an expat from France working abroad the position is different. Importantly, if you are a French expat you may be able to gain some tax advantages. Furthermore, you may be able to gain exemption from capital gains tax.

Mortgage in France for Foreigners

Importantly, French mortgages for foreigners buying property in France are not difficult to obtain. While, most banks will offer mortgages the mortgage terms will depend on nationality, citizenship and employment. Consequently, you should establish what will be possible before committing to a purchase contract.

Additional Advice

There is additional advice in this section covering ways you can save money. Furthermore you will find advice on related products such as Viagers and Yacht Leasing.