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Note 1:

Your French Mortgage Quote

To enable us to calculate the monthly repayments for your mortgage we need to know:

With this basic information, we can calculate an accurate estimate of the mortgage repayments on your mortgage.

Note 2:

French Mortgage Quote Preapproval

There is no guarantee that you will match any bank’s underwriting criteria, so a French mortgage quote is purely indicative of repayment costs.

If you want to be sure you will be able to get a french mortgage you will also need to show that you meet a lending bank’s underwriting criteria.

We can only establish this if you provided us with all the information requested on the French mortgage quote form.

Note 3:

Preapproval Does Not Guarantee A French Mortgage Offer

Neither an “in principle decision” nor “mortgage preapproval” will guarantee you a mortgage because the final decision is always in the hands of the Bank’s lending committee.

Every year we are contacted by clients who have received an “in principle decision” or “mortgage preapproval”only to find that the bank’s lending committee turns down the mortgage application. This can be from another broker or even directly from a French bank’s sales staff  If you sign a legally binding contract to purchase a property on the strength of the “in principle decision” or “mortgage preapproval” you will have no legal protection and no legal recourse. Read more about French Mortgage Brokers.

Whilst we have the expertise and experience to assess your chances of getting a French mortgage nothing can be guaranteed until the bank’s mortgage offer is safely in your hands.

In our opinion, if you will need a French mortgage to complete your French property purchase, it is very unwise to sign a compromis de vente for the purchase of a property until you have a formal bank offer of a French Mortgage in your hands.

If you are pressed by the selling agent to sign a Compromis de Vente or Compromesso opt instead for a Compromis Projet – Contact Best French Mortgage if you need an explanation of how to do this.

The Compromis Projet can be turned into the legally binding Compromis de Vente or Compromesso once you have the security of the bank’s mortgage offer in your hands. It has the advantage for you that you do not need to lodge a purchase deposit with the selling agent and if your French mortgage application is turned down by the French banks you have no legal liability to the vendor.

Note 4:

What Happens Next?

That’s entirely up to you.

Unlike most French mortgage brokers we don’t use commission driven salesmen and we don’t use our “French Mortgage Quote” form as a bait to get a telephone number for a salesman to pester you.

If you like the French mortgage quote you get back from us, just let us know that you wish to apply for a French mortgage and we will work with you to get the best French mortgage on offer and one that always matches your personal needs and circumstances.